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The Listening Post C.I.C

Community Counselling Service


Really friendly counsellor, who makes the session relaxing and comfortable. Affordable and beneficial.

Client F


Their centre was very close to me I felt comfortable when I walked in. The rates were very good but mostly it's because I felt comfortable and opened up immediately.

Client M


Lovely staff , friendly atmosphere & helpful counsellors, Recommend 

Client S


Alison is a great counsellor & all the staff make you feel welcome as soon as you walk in.

Client P


It helped me deal with problem that I didn't know were there. I am now calm.
The counsellor helped & understood me

Client G


Totally recommend the counsellors at The Listening Post. 
They really listened and support me

Client T



Client  J


Natasha was lovely and very compassionate. She listened to everything I said and helped me with what I needed her to help me with.

Client T


Alison helped me overcome demons from my past, which has allowed me to feel more acceptance of the person I have become, The sessions highlighted the negative things happening in my life and enabled me to change them, which has put me in a positive place in my life and opened doors to my future.

Client F