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The Listening Post C.I.C

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The Listening Post C.I.C

The Listening Post C.I.C ( Community Interest Company) means we are a not for profit business.

We exists to improve the mental health and emotional well being of the local community living within the Basildon District, through the provision of accessible and appropriate counselling.

We are 100% committed to the provision of one to one personal counselling to the local Essex community. To empower people to grow and develop their own mental health and well-being.

We offer a safe space for this change to happen, showing each individual unconditional positive regard.

By providing a safe space, people are able to discuss. look and explore their emotions.

Our goals are simple we want to offer a counselling services to the local community that is accessible to all individuals. We at The Listening Post, understand that everyone is completely unique and will be treated as so.

We believe in enabling people the opportunity to understand, develop and grow, regardless of age, gender, sexuality, or circumstance.

Why Counselling is needed:

Everybody needs to talk and more importantly to be heard, truly heard without fear of being judged.

Many different reasons can bring somebody to counselling and every reason is valid.


Society is constantly changing, growing and developing at such a fast rate, whilst also placing the “accepted norm” on everyone.

This means there is usually a conflict with humans, as we are either always striving to gain more or feel lost and left behind when we cannot keep up. It can feel even worse, if we do not feel we fit into or accepted by others and their standards of society.

Society can affect every part of our lives, some are more visual than others, e.g. job, salary, education, residence and material items.

Others are less visual e.g. religion, ethnic back ground, sexuality, and gender.


A person’s background can affect a person both positively and negatively, understanding that what you have experienced both consciously and unconsciously can impact your life daily.

Looking at why and how you react to situations, repeat patterns that you are not happy with but somehow still follow the pattern and gaining a greater understanding of coping strategies, challenging thoughts and changing patterns, enables the client to move past what is not working for them.

Mental & Emotional well being

1 in 4 people suffer from a mental health issue, these can be triggered at any stage.

The most common are Anxiety and depression, but stress, bereavement and traumatic events can also affect a person’s mental & emotional wellbeing as well as many others.

Mental & Emotional well being can greatly affect a person day to day life in all aspects, e.g. work productivity, physical health, relationships and the wider community and economy.

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We offer a variety of services! If you don't see what you need below please contact us!

Initial Assessments

Your first meeting with us, involves us discussing what has brought you to see us. Looking at what counselling is, and what you would like to achieve from counselling. 

This also gives you an opportunity to see if you would like to work with us.  

One to One Counselling

We offer sessions on a one to one basis.

Each session lasts for 50 minutes.  The sessions are usually held on a weekly basis.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy consists of a group of people coming together, generally with the same issue and discussing it openly.

A counsellor will always facilitate the group, ensuring everyone is respectful and ensures the group remains focused and that everyone has the chance to be heard.

Workshops & CPD

We regularly run workshops on mental health issues. 

These are suitable for everyone from gaining a better understanding of your own mental health, to caring for someone, working within the Mental health field or have a general interest in Mental health. 

These are from £30 and run from 9:30 to 4pm, they include refreshments, handouts and attendance certificates.

For more information or to purchase tickets find us on www.eventbrite.co.uk 


We take referrals from every area.
  • Local Organisations
  • Local services
  • G.P's
  • Self referrals
Please feel free to contact us to discuss arranging booking or referring for counselling.